Copiers Replacement Technology
  Photocopiers book2net book scanner

Copy / Scan Up site down capturing.
The spine of the book can get crushed
Face Up scanning- just lay the book on the book cradle

Turning the page You need to get down the book from the glasplate- turn the page and than put it back again on it Just turn the page and go ahead with the scanning

Copy-/Scanspeed Ave 8 seconds
1000 scans ->  2,30 h
1 second per scan
1000 scans -> 50 minutes

Range of documents actually made for single paper sheets books, journals, newspaper, bounded documents up to A2

Copyright Regulations No copyright control copyright waiver
and watermark option

Focus Depth 0cm 7,6 cm focus depth for a perfect scan result even in the book curve, no matter how thick the book is. 

Maintenance Ave 1500€ /year Maintenance-free

Care Paper re-filling, cleaning, changing the toner Turn the scanner on and scan

Power consumption Operation:1800 W 
Standby: 300-450 W
68 VA
90% less than photocopiers

  Very often with black stripes and out of focus in the middle of a book. Unnecessary toner wasting and expense A perfect result without any black stripes no matter how thick the book is.
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